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Key Features:

  1. RGB Lighting Mode:
    • Featuring RGB lighting mode, adding a vibrant and customizable aesthetic to your setup for an immersive and personalized experience.
  2. 5 Steps Height Adjustment:
    • Adjustable height in five steps, providing ergonomic comfort and flexibility to cater to your preferred viewing and typing angles.
  3. 5 Fans for Large Air Volume and Heat Dissipation:
    • Equipped with five fans to ensure large air volume and efficient heat dissipation, keeping your device cool even during extended usage.
  4. Ultra-Quiet Design:
    • Designed for ultra-quiet operation, allowing you to enjoy a calm and focused environment without the distraction of loud fan noise.
  5. Dual USB HUB Does Not Occupy USB Port:
    • Includes a dual USB hub for additional connectivity without occupying valuable USB ports on your device, offering convenient expansion options.


Specification Details
Product NC20 Laptop Cooling Pad - The specific model identifier for the product.
Number of Fans 5 - The cooling pad is equipped with five fans for effective heat dissipation.
RGB RGB Lighting Mode - The cooling pad features RGB lighting, providing a customizable and visually appealing experience.
Compatibility Compatible with high-end and majority of notebooks - Designed to work with high-end and a wide range of notebooks for versatile usage.
Adjustments Fan control / adjustment - Users can control and adjust the fan speed for customized cooling based on their preferences and needs.
Warranty 1 Year - The product comes with a 1-year warranty, offering assurance and support for the specified period.


The product in question is a versatile and feature-rich cooling pad designed to enhance the performance and user experience of laptops. Notable features include a dynamic RGB lighting mode, allowing users to customize and personalize the aesthetic of their setup. The cooling pad offers five steps of height adjustment, promoting ergonomic comfort and adaptability to various viewing angles.

For optimal thermal management, the cooling pad boasts five fans, ensuring a large air volume and efficient heat dissipation during prolonged usage. What sets this product apart is its ultra-quiet design, providing effective cooling without the disturbance of loud fan noise, fostering a focused and comfortable working environment.

Additionally, the cooling pad incorporates a dual USB hub, providing extra connectivity options without occupying the laptop’s USB ports. This feature enhances convenience and expands the usability of the cooling pad. Overall, this product aims to deliver a holistic solution for laptop cooling, combining functionality, customization, and user-friendly design.


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