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Key Features:

  1. PixArt Gaming Optical Sensor: Precision gaming with an advanced PixArt optical sensor for accurate and responsive tracking.
  2. On-the-fly Adjustable DPI (800-2,000DPI): Customize your gaming experience with easily adjustable DPI settings ranging from 800 to 2,000 on-the-fly.
  3. Huano 5,000,000 Clicks Lifetime: Durable and reliable performance with Huano switches boasting an impressive 5 million clicks lifespan.
  4. Wireless Convenience with 1 AA Battery: Powered by a single AA battery, experience wireless freedom with a voltage range of 2.1v-3.6v.
  5. Ergonomic Both-Handed Design: Comfortable gaming sessions for both left and right-handed users with an ergonomic and versatile design.


Sensor PixArt FCT3065
Resolution 800-2,000 DPI
IPS (Inches Per Second) 30
Acceleration 10G
Polling Rate 125Hz
Switch Type Huano 5 million clicks
Total Buttons 6
Shape Ambidextrous, Both-handed
Size 1147038mm
Weight 61gr w/o battery
Software No
On-board Memory No
Cable Material


Introducing a high-performance gaming mouse equipped with the PixArt FCT3065 sensor, providing a resolution range of 800-2,000 DPI for precise and responsive tracking. With a swift IPS of 30 and acceleration up to 10G, this mouse ensures optimal speed and accuracy during intense gaming sessions. Featuring Huano switches with a remarkable 5 million clicks lifespan, the mouse offers durable and reliable performance across its 6 total buttons. Its ambidextrous, both-handed design caters to a wide range of users, while the compact dimensions (1147038mm) and lightweight build (61g without battery) enhance maneuverability. The absence of illumination keeps the focus on functionality. This mouse, lacking software and on-board memory, remains straightforward, and the cable material ensures flexibility and durability. Elevate your gaming experience with this efficient and responsive gaming mouse.


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