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Key Features:

  1. 5 Universal Power Sockets:
    • Versatile power strip with five universal sockets, accommodating a variety of plugs and devices for convenient and flexible use.
  2. 3 Lines Surge Protection:
    • Enhanced surge protection with three lines, guarding against voltage spikes and power surges to ensure the safety of connected electronic devices.
  3. Overload Protection:
    • Built-in overload protection for added safety, automatically shutting off power in case of an overload to prevent potential damage to connected devices.
  4. Made From Copper:
    • Internal components crafted from copper, ensuring efficient electrical conductivity, reducing energy loss, and contributing to the power strip’s durability and performance.


Specification Details
Model PZC504-2 - The specific model identifier for the product.
Number of Sockets 5 - The power strip is equipped with five electrical sockets.
Material Copper - The internal wiring of the power strip is made from copper, known for its conductivity.
Maximum Spike Current 13500AMPS - The power strip can handle a maximum spike current of 13500 amperes, providing robust surge protection.
Surge Protection 375 Joules - The power strip offers surge protection up to 375 joules, safeguarding connected devices from voltage spikes.
Body Fire Resistance Plastic - The body of the power strip is made from fire-resistant plastic, enhancing safety.
Cable Length 2M - The power strip comes with a 2-meter long cable for flexible placement.
Color White - The power strip is designed in a white color, providing a clean and neutral appearance.
Warranty 2 Years - The product comes with a 2-year warranty, offering assurance and support for the specified period.


The PZC504-2 power strip is a reliable and versatile electrical accessory designed to meet the needs of users seeking a convenient and safe solution for powering multiple devices. With a sleek and neutral white color, it complements various environments, providing both functionality and aesthetics.

Equipped with five electrical sockets, this power strip offers ample capacity for connecting multiple devices simultaneously. The internal wiring is made from high-quality copper, ensuring efficient conductivity and reliable performance. With a maximum spike current handling capability of 13500 amperes, the power strip provides robust surge protection, safeguarding connected devices from potential voltage spikes.

The surge protection is further enhanced with a rating of 375 joules, offering a dependable defense against power fluctuations. The body of the power strip is constructed from fire-resistant plastic, contributing to overall safety and durability. The 2-meter long cable provides flexibility in placement, allowing users to position the power strip conveniently.

Backed by a 2-year warranty, the PZC504-2 power strip offers peace of mind and assurance of product quality. Whether in a home or office setting, this power strip provides a reliable and safe solution for managing multiple electronic devices while maintaining a clean and organized appearance with its white color.



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