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Key Features:

  1. Dual Microphone Design: Versatile audio input with the option to switch between microphones for various uses.
  2. Detachable Microphone: Enhanced flexibility as the microphone can be removed, transforming the headset for different activities.
  3. Drivers Built for Mobile Gaming: Tailored audio performance specifically designed to optimize the gaming experience on mobile devices.
  4. Omni-directional Microphone: Clear and comprehensive audio capture from all directions, improving communication during gaming.
  5. Perfect Sound Isolation: Immersive gaming environment achieved by minimizing external noises, allowing users to focus on in-game audio.


Feature Specification
Type In-Ear Gaming Headset
Feature Build With Dual Microphone
Plug Type 3.5mm Jack
Driver Size Φ10 mm
Cable Length 1.3m Plastic cable
Frequency Range 20-20K Hz
Speaker Sensitivity 91+/-3dB
Mic Sensitivity 58+/-3dB
Impedance 18Ω+/-10%
Directivity Omni-directional
Warranty 1 Year


The FANTECH EG1 Gaming Headset is an in-ear gaming accessory designed to enhance the gaming experience with its array of features. Notably, it comes equipped with dual microphones, providing users with flexibility in communication. The headset utilizes a 3.5mm jack for convenient connectivity and boasts a compact driver size of Φ10 mm.

The 1.3m plastic cable ensures practicality and durability, allowing for comfortable use during gaming sessions. The frequency range of 20-20K Hz ensures a broad spectrum of audio reproduction, capturing both low and high-frequency sounds. The speaker sensitivity of 91+/-3dB delivers clear and immersive audio output.

For communication, the omnidirectional microphone with a sensitivity of 58+/-3dB ensures effective and responsive voice capture. The headset’s impedance is specified at 18Ω+/-10%, contributing to its overall performance.

With a 1-year warranty, the FANTECH EG1 Gaming Headset not only provides a feature-rich gaming experience but also offers peace of mind with the assurance of product reliability. Whether for casual or competitive gaming, this headset aims to deliver a balanced audio experience while meeting the demands of gamers.


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